Welcome to Government Arts and Science College for Women, Malappuram



Our institution stands as a beacon of progressive education, dedicated to empowering women and catalyzing societal change. We strive to transform lives and nurture future leaders with a resolute mission to provide women, especially the educationally disadvantaged women who have been historically marginalized, with a modern and liberal education.

Within the esteemed confines of our institution, you will discover four undergraduate departments offering a comprehensive range of arts and science courses. Our distinguished faculty members ensure that the classroom experience transcends the mundane, fostering an environment of intellectual curiosity and academic excellence. It comes as no surprise that our students consistently shine in university examinations, exemplifying their unwavering commitment to scholarly achievement.

Yet, our commitment to education transcends the confines of conventional learning. We understand the imperative of holistic growth and offer an array of support programs that infuse the educational journey with vibrancy and depth. In line with the semesterization of UG courses, we have established a myriad of clubs to fuel our students’ extracurricular passions. These clubs serve as platforms for self-expression, fostering the development of well-rounded individuals.

At Government Arts and Science College for Women Malappuram, our vision extends beyond academic prowess. We strive to forge resilient individuals capable of surmounting the challenges of a fiercely competitive world. Through a meticulously crafted curriculum and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we equip our graduates with the skills, knowledge, and unwavering confidence to thrive in their chosen careers. Furthermore, we instill within them a profound sense of social responsibility, nurturing their innate ability to contribute meaningfully to society.

Realizing our collective aspirations necessitates unwavering dedication from our students, faculty, parents, and all stakeholders associated with the college. Together, we forge an ecosystem of unwavering commitment and untiring perseverance, propelling us towards unparalleled heights of distinction.

Join us at Government Arts and Science College for Women Malappuram, and embark on a transformative educational odyssey that will redefine your future and shape a brighter tomorrow for our society!